SINAR Information No 15

Professional photographers have to cope with every kind of client and every type of assign­ment. No two jobs are the same, or even alike. That calls for considerable creative as well as technical adaptability by the photographer. His photographic tool should logically match this flexibility.

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SINAR Information No 14

In this article we are dealing with the simplifications with regard to the actual exposure handling, i.e. with the phase between the completed setting and the «click». It concerns a rather short period of time which belongs to the phase requiring the best concentration of the photographer, however. In other words, after completion of the desired framing exposure should be possible immediately without any further complications.

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SINAR Information No 1

Exposure measurement in the image plane of the camera is by now generally accepted as being superior to the use of external exposure meters – as evidenced by the current trend in camera design. The question however arises, whether such image plane measurement should integrate the whole picture area or be based on selected spot readings – and in what way the two methods differ.
The question itself is an old one.

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SINAR Information No 13

The best lens, with the best resolving power and the use of best possible film material depend entirely on the precision of the image setting.
Here the large-format view camera has a not undeserved reputation of being too complex in its settings.

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SINAR Information No 12

Wide-angle effects are not the only means of photo­graphic impact. In fact this gimmick is sometimes be­coming a bore. Even converging verticals -however effective they may be on occasion -are not exactly a hallmark of impressive pictorialism. As a result of various technical requirements and restric­tions, televison has in this field produced a certain visual style of some impact for a mass medium. But its shooting limitations cannot in the long run make it a model for professional photography. In 1933 I studied at a leading photographic school. The current rage at the time was Oskar Barnack’s Leica idea.

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SINAR Information No 9

‘I love the black cloth’ -a well known photographer recently told us -‘because it hides me from talkative and interfering customers. And if one of them insists on seeing the image on the ground glass, I smoke out the intruder from underneath the cloth by lighting a cigar.’
From every point of view, image observation of every single shot is obviously vital for the photographer.

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SINAR Information No 4

With this SINAR information No. 4 we draw your attention to two very useful accessories from the extremely versatile SINAR range. These are the SINAR clamping stand and the SINAR front surface mirror.
The illustrations in this leaflet show how these two units can help you in your work and make your SINAR still more versatile.

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