SINAR information

SINAR clamping stand

SINAR front-surface mirror

Two accessories for the same purpose:

  • Shooting from difficult viewpoints
  • Unusual viewing angle

The SINAR clamping stand and SINAR front­surface mirror in use. General views or extreme shooting angles – the technical camera covers both.

With the SINAR clamping stand you can set up the camera in unusual viewpoints wherever the normal tripod is inadequate or you can replace special copying or enlarging stands. It is indeed a versatile and handy

The column of the clamping stand is the SIN AR rail with its unlimited scope of combination -the most efficient way.

High level:

Dramatic viewpoints -without ladder stands.

Low level:

Fixes to table legs, steps, window sills, pipes etc. The front surface mirror behind the ground glass screen serves for focu­sing..

Can be used with any camera. Clamps almost anywhere.
Replaces a special copying unit. The binocular mirror hood is ideal for brilliant focusing.
Or use it as an enlarger, with full correction scope.
For small reproductions or macro shots by reflected or transmitted light, or for photomicrography with a micro­scope. Can also be used with single-lens reflex cameras, providing even here sharpness control in depth.
Can be used as a support for large copying stages, ho­ rizontally or vertically. Like a large process camera the set­up is completely rigid.

The SINAR front surface mirror permits shooting from unusual camera positions and solves problems of inaccessible viewpoints.

Deflect the viewing direction downwards, sideways or up­wards -for views of ceilings, carpets or architectural models etc.
You will always meet tricky viewpoint problems. See also the title page and illustration on page 2. The SINAR front surface mirror can also be used with any other camera.
Particularly useful for copying and reproduction: Right-reading negative photo copies photographed directly on document paper.
An aid to squaring up in copying etc.

The SINAR front surface mirror is ground plane parallel and carries a hardened mirror surface. Its light reflection is 97 per cent. The mirror housing carries a protective draw slide.