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SINAR Information No 31

Not surprisingly printers, lithographers, art directors and clients are increasingly con­cerned that photographers should keep to these brightness range limits. Agreeing on such guidelines eliminates most problems when the pictures are delivered for the process work. Here, too, communication counts – the photographer and the lithogra­pher or customer must each know what the other is up against.The aim of this Information is to show ways of measuring and controlling the subject brightness range and contrast in view cam­era photography.

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SINAR Information No 21

After setting up and for 4 years run­ning a photographic studio for an advertising agency, he was employed another 5 years as a photographer. At 31 years, rather late in his own view, Peter Forster set up on his own. He invested in the best equipment and therefore had to ask high fees right from the start. He was successful almost im­mediately.

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SINAR Information No 14

In this article we are dealing with the simplifications with regard to the actual exposure handling, i.e. with the phase between the completed setting and the «click». It concerns a rather short period of time which belongs to the phase requiring the best concentration of the photographer, however. In other words, after completion of the desired framing exposure should be possible immediately without any further complications.

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